Beenleigh’s stump removal experts

Tree Stump Removal

If you have a tree that needs removing, you’ll need an expert to deal with the stump that’s left behind. Not only is the process tricky, but stump extraction will also leave a hole that needs to be taken care of. The stump itself should also be disposed of in a suitable manner.

Tree stump removal must be completed properly so that delicate ecosystems are not destroyed. The roots may have spread deep into the soil and should be extracted with care. Our qualified team has over 25 years of stump removal experience, and will ensure that no damage is done.

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The right team for the job

Quality Tree Procedures is a local company, which means we’re familiar with local tree types and the challenges they can raise. We’re also aware of the relevant council rules and regulations that must be followed when undertaking such work.

Our specialist tree surgeons are highly adept at removing even the largest of stumps. We have all the necessary equipment, including a stump grinder and an excavator.

We’re also fully licensed in chemical control. If you decide to leave the stump in after tree removal, but are planning on using the space for something else, we can apply chemicals to prevent any regrowth that might interfere with your future plans.

Once our stump removal experts have done their job, we can fill in the hole left behind so that the area is left flat and ready for landscaping.

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